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First All Girls Tournament a great success

Friday night saw us host our first girls-only tournament at St Nicholas' School. We have a great core of girls from years 6-9 training at the club so this was a great opportunity for them to play some competitive basketball against each other and also welcome in some new faces!

The games were closely contested but the Blue team under Becca's guidance utilised their double points power-play minutes very well and went on to win both games with Molly's Maroon team just edging out Emma's White team.

The shooting challenge saw all the girls compete in a knockout competition with some very close matchups along the way. The two finalists, Rose and Sydney, had to get through 4 previous matches to make the final where Rose had found her rhythm and wasn't going to let anyone knock her out of it, scoring 16 free throws in a minute to win overall.

As predicted, the 'rep your school' skills relay got pretty loud with Courtmoor, Calthorpe and St Nicks all fighting for the unofficial title of Fleets best basketball school! Calthorpe and Courtmoor took it literally to the line but by a fraction of a second, Courtmoor came out on top with the victory!

Special mention to both Aimee and Hannah who, unknown to them, were putting in some terrific performances and battling their way to their tournament MVP trophy, but some superb hustle and defensive work from Hannah tipped the vote in her favour to be awarded the MVP on the night.

Overall Standings

Team Games

1st Blue team

2nd Maroon team

3rd White team

Sharp Shooter winner


'Rep your school' skills relay winners

Courtmoor School

Tournament MVP

Hannah C

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