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U12s Game report: Flyers 33 - Bracknell 12

On Friday night, the boys played a smashing game! We put them in 2 groups of 5, playing two 1/4's each. You could see all the skills they have been working on in practice each week being brought to the court. James said to me, I’m scared to do a lay up and miss, told him to go for it and it was always worth giving a try. He went for it and earned his team some great points and this gave him the confidence to continue getting those baskets in. Tobias surprised himself with a 3 pointer, Ieuan was superb and got plenty of points on the board. The boys were hot on the defence with Issac’s especially blocking a lot of shots. Jake, Marc, Jack, Toby and Ike were great at guarding their players, intercepting passes and covering both ends of the court with some great team play. Lorenzo was strong as an ox on defence, standing his ground against their strongest player.

All in all, it was a fantastic game but more importantly, there was a real feeling of teamwork and fun with all the players - cant wait for the next game!

Coach Grace

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